Tree Services

Thousand Oaks residents love their trees. SoCal Brush can provide your arborist services! Whether it is one of the large oak trees the Conejo Valley is known for, or it is a small Japanese Maple that needs some fine pruning, SoCal Brush can help you. Pruning, removals, and tree risk assessments are extremely important to protecting the investment of your trees. SoCal Brush can provide all of these for you in Ventura County.

With an ISA Certified Arborist on staff, SoCal Brush supplies arborist services in the Conejo Valley. If you have a large tree, you need to protect your investment. Whether the tree is putting your house, children, or business at risk, it should be inspected by the experienced tree workers at SoCal Brush. We love trees and want them to flourish and provide their numerous benefits to the Ventura County Community. Proper pruning is extremely important to extending the life of trees through promoting proper branch structure and hazard mitigation.

Leaving trees unmanaged for an extended period of time can lead to hazards. From poor branch structure leading to an unsightly tree to hazardous decay, every tree needs arborist services from a certified arborist. Let SoCal Brush help beautify your property by tending to your trees!